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Genre: Film & Animation

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Shared November 6, 2020

The story of Stede Bonnet, a man who had an early mid-life crisis and decided to go a-pirating.


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Stede Bonnet - Ordinary Things:

Ignatius Pell - SumitoMedia:

Mary Bonnet's Face - Selmacashmoney:
(voice by Sumito, sorry Selma)


Feel free to react stream/watch-along/re-upload this vid on your own channel. it's not sponsored -- we just want it to be seen and enjoyed ;)


Original Music

Ben Symons (for hire)

Playlist of composed tracks:

We also worked pretty hard on a version of the montage with lyrics, but then it just didn't quite work together with the visuals:


Other Music:

1. The Lone Rock
2. The Ends Of The Earth (19:19​)
3. I wonder - PYC music (audio library)
4. Your Hand Of Sun and Jewels (Carja traditional) 02:44:22
5. Becalmed (Concertina)
6. Moderate Threat - Ben
Maiden Voyage
7. Dreams - Firef!ies (audio library)
8. Ride of the Valkyries
Pillars of eternity - elmshore

(The rest still coming)