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Genre: Comedy

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Shared August 24, 2020

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More Varus stuff that happened.
Episode 1 -


Incognito Mode:



Twitter: @nethistorian

Get on Home - Vodovoz Music Productions (​)
China national anthem (rockendry remix) 
Bloodborne - The Hunter
Swing Rabbit Swing - Amaria
White Hats
Payday 2 - Time Window
Kevin Macleod - There It Is
Star Fox - Corneria
Lights - Roa
Light and Bubbly - BenSound
Home - We're FInally Landing

Missouri eyes only: You're gonna have to Google for it, sorry. Seems like it could be against ToS to link to it.

Drake's Supermarkets:

Also I swear I know how to spell 'coroner'. I was going for a pun with... the obvious... and then I got distracted. I even tried to use the blur tool post-upload but it's too finicky. Corronor and dum 5eva.