An important message to citizens & politicians of the great state of Texas from Louis Rossmann

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Louis Rossmann

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Shared May 2, 2021

A paid shill has written an article slandering Right to Repair, citing government agencies that have produced reports that directly cut against his own fearmongering.

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Here's the thing. Most people are so cynical when it comes to politics, they don't bother speaking at all. And paid lobbying groups like this RELY on that. They are counting on your cynicism, and indifference. I can't blame you for feeling hopeless. That being said, I hope you can find 5 minutes to reach out to your local government representative - senator, representative, mayor, governor, etc, and let them know what you think about Right to Repair, and this article. It genuinely does make a difference.

Someone who was anti-right-to-repair in my state turned immediately on the issue when I spoke to him and explained it for five minutes. When I asked why he was against it he said something along the lines of, "no one showed up in support to correct my misconceptions. now I know better." BE THE PERSON WHO HELPS THEM KNOW BETTER!!

I am from New York - the last thing ANY Texas politician wants to hear is what someone from NYC thinks. If you're from Texas, let them know what YOU think. It means the world.

Thank you.