D Fields

Blog of my Small Engine Repair Hobby. and I do some tool, and equipment reviews. Additional I do a few minor Auto repairs. Some yard equipment are complete junk, some are trash to treasure. Always exciting to figure out what was wrong with it and how to fix it. The About.me picture isn't really a picture of me. Its Fictional Character Red Forman. from that 70's Show
The picture of the lawnmower was from one of my finds after I fixed it. It is a rare find, a Scott's lawnmower with a Tecumesh OHV engine.(OVRM120) The deck was really made by MURRAY before Briggs and Stratton owned MURRAY.
Any information here is "AS IS" use at your own risk. The video producer cannot be held responsibly for anything that may be the result of anything attempted from what might of been learned from a video that is posted.