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Unreal. Thank you all for supporting my work on Down the Rabbit Hole.

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Hello everyone, I wanted to reassure you all that the new video is still coming. My graphic designer just needs a bit more time to finish up the graphics, and I refuse to rush him on something so intricate.

The length hasn't changed—it will still be a bit over an hour long. While shorter than the Deep Blue video, the information is significantly more dense, and over half of the runtime is devoted to a detailed play-by-play of the event for which the video is named.

In the meantime, I've spent the last month digging deep into research for the video after this one, and to do so, I've enlisted the help of an expert who has spent years studying the topic. I also will likely be asking my audience for crowdsourced content to include. My tentative estimation for the runtime of this next video is at least three hours, but it's too early to say for certain.

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The new Down the Rabbit Hole is now nearing completion; the narration is recorded and edited and the music is almost finished, as is the graphic design. I'm giving it a conservative estimate of within 3 weeks, during which time I'll begin research on the video after this one. The runtime will be approximately 1 hour, and it will be dominated by graphics that plot out the events, similar to the ones made for the duel between WingsofRedemption and Syndicate. These will be necessary, as the topic for this video is horrifically complicated; I personally have never struggled so much with a script due to its complexity, but I'm quite satisfied with the results.

Ryan has brought on more live instruments than ever before, including violin, saxophone, prepared piano, and, of all things, a stepladder for the atmospheric sound of metal on metal. Rachel will be returning, as well, to provide vocals for the closing track. This is some of the best that Ryan has ever produced for Down the Rabbit Hole, and it's easily the most unsettling.

I'll see you all very soon.

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I have a major speaking role for the latest special of If the Emperor had a Text-to-Speech Device in which I was instructed to sound as pompous as possible. Stellaris is one of my favorite games, too, so this was a treat.

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If you enjoyed the artwork and music in the Deep Blue Down the Rabbit Hole, then I'm happy to tell you that all of it is publicly available.

All of the music, including the song used in the credits, is uploaded to Ryan Probert's YouTube channel. Here's a link to the aforementioned song:

Prints of the chess personality paintings by Anton Oxenuk are available here:
They also may be seen in much higher resolution here:
The illustrations for the little chess robot (named "Gambit") are viewable in a Twitter thread by the artist, DerEineSchwarzeRabe, alongside commentary about their process:

Everyone involved with this video did a phenomenal job; each of them has been a pleasure to work with.

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New Down the Rabbit Hole releases this Friday. Approximate length: 2:10:00.

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The new Down the Rabbit Hole will be ready within the next 3 weeks and will be well over 2 hours long, with nearly all of it being narration, making it much denser than the WingsofRedemption video while also being longer. The graphic designer, whose work is vital to explain the more complicated aspects of this already-intricate topic, just needs these weeks to finish, and then we'll be ready to launch it.

The video after this one should be much shorter, and I aim to have it completed before the end of the year. Thank you all for being so patient as we craft this piece.

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Hello, everyone. I yet live.

The new Down the Rabbit Hole is taking a bit longer due to the complexity of the subject and the sheer breadth of information I have to cover. By the time I finish the script in the next week, it will be novella-length, by far the longest script of any Down the Rabbit Hole so far, but also the most information-dense of any I've written. Though the script is much longer, it will likely be a similar length to the TempleOS and WingsofRedemption videos because there is almost no source footage being used; my narration will carry from the beginning to the end. Those who have heard what exists of it so far have described it as feeling like a dramatic anime plot, which I choose to take as a compliment.

One of the people I've brought on to help is an artist named Anton Oxenuk, who created a set of digital paintings for the video. (He was the one who painted the owl that serves as this channel's icon) Included in this post is one of the paintings; I'll leave its purpose to speculation.

I'll see you all very soon.

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I've been brought onboard to co-author the most recent (and longest) arc for Clinic of Horrors, a horror-comedy comic hosted on Webtoons. This particular arc leans much more into the "horror" side of its genre and takes heavy inspiration from Mother Horse Eyes and his hygiene beds, on which we sought to iterate, expand, and truly make our own. I'll admit, I'm quite proud of what I've written alongside Merry.

The arc has just begun, so if you follow it now, you'll be able to catch each new episode as it releases:
Artwork by: PokuriMio

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Research on the next Down the Rabbit Hole has been delayed as I work on acquiring some rare books that contain troves of useful information. The question isn't if I'll get them, but when. However, the topic itself almost seems to be addressing me; translated from German, the sign reads, "Fred! Do something!"

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