THE TRUTH w/ Carlos Farias

Exploring Truth in philosophy, science, & art.

We'll uncover concepts from psychology, mythology, spirituality, literature, media, and more. If you like Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan, you'll love this educational channel.

Inspired by psychologist Jerome Bruner, the syllabus will circumambulate core topics; the spiral curriculum will regularly revisit ideas, building incrementally on earlier foundations. The curriculum may look scattered now, but eventually themes will converge and the giant map will make sense.

The goal is a better understanding of life, the universe, and everything. A core aim is to inspire curiosity and a lifelong love for learning. Maybe together we can get somewhere closer to humanity's grand search for meaning and chip away at life's greatest mysteries.

PG-13. Suitable for teens+. Some videos may be appropriate for younger audiences (Emergence, 4th Dimension) but if you're a parent, watch the videos first.


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