Welcome to the Grumps: The Movie channel. A Game Grumps and JonTron fanmade channel, that means I'm an unofficial channel like GameGrumpsMoments, lol.
Call me Klassicman or just GTM. I make Game Grumps and JonTronShow compilations and clips for the Lovelies and JonTron Grommets.

Right now I also have 2 other channels that I started running: Klassicmode, where I do Smash Bros. related posts, like me acting out as the characters and mostly compilations of course, until I get myself Smash Ultimate. And Patter/ConnerWaffle Compilations, where I compile vids and make clips of Peter Knetter and ConnerTheWaffle, just like this channel heh.

So head over the Burgie Theater Box Office and get yourself a ticket (subscribe) to enjoy some Grumps: The Movie....movies? The compilations I guess.
You can follow me on Twitter: KlassicManS and on my Reddit u/GrumpsTheMovie (wait who follows people on Reddit these days?)