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We have got some messages from you that YouTube didn't push out our last 2 videos to you, which has been reflected in our analytics with only 10% of our subscribers seeing our last two videos. If you missed it, the last video on how Wood Frogs can survive being frozen alive, and how this could help humans with organ transplants, is one of our best (and features one of the craziest interviews I have ever experienced). Link in the comments!

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Have you ever wondered how this channel started? Or wondered what it's like to try to get a YouTube channel off the ground, from concept to reality? Or have you been curious about the link between this channel and Real Engineering?

If so, the latest episode of The Showmakers podcast answers all these questions and more. Brian from Real Engineering and Sam from Wendover Productions interview me about the origins of Real Science, and my scientific and creative background. You'll also get to learn about how I met Sam on a semi-disastrous trip in Mexico, and get the answer to all the questions I get about my (supposedly) weird accent.

Every episode they will interview a different online creator about their life, their background, and their craft. And if you haven't gone down the rabbit-hole of past episodes, then you are in for a treat.

This podcast episode also coincides with the launch of the new podcast feature on our streaming platform, Nebula. Nebula is where dozens of educational content creators can upload all of our original, and sometimes experimental content, ad-free, and without worrying about the YouTube algorithm. And now with the podcast feature, the amount of amazing original content there is going to grow even faster.

To get access to Nebula and all of its podcast and video content, you can sign up using the link below. By signing up with this link, you will also get access to all of CuriosityStream while you are at it. All for just $14.79 for a whole year! The links to this deal and to the episode are in the comments.

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200,000 subscribers! This feels like a big moment, and it feels like there is momentum building behind this channel now. It’s been an exciting journey so far and we are so excited to keep making better and better videos for you all (ya’ll? I am in Texas now..)

And this is why we decided to launch a Patreon for Real Science! We work as a small, hyper-efficient team and I am always impressed with what everyone can pull off with such tight deadlines. By supporting us on Patreon you will help open the doors to even more resources for us - more custom animations, more access to archive and stock footage, and once this whole coronavirus thing is over - more traveling and shooting on location.

Plus, if you support Real Science on Patreon, you will get some pretty sweet behind the scenes looks at how we make it all happen. At the $5 tier of patronage you will get early access to scripts, so you can see how I write, take notes, scribble things out, highlight, underline, cross-out ETC for our videos. And at the $10 tier you will get access to a quarterly Q&A Stream with myself and Brian from Real Engineering. If you’ve ever wanted to ask us questions about our process, our backgrounds, or why Brian can’t say “car” properly, this is the perfect chance. But any amount of your support is hugely appreciated, no matter the amount.

By supporting Real Science you will help grow this little channel and little team to something even greater. It’s been an amazing journey so far and I can’t wait to see where else we can take it.

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